Friday, 8 January 2016

Plan an event with Portable Kitchens!

Our temporary kitchens and catering equipment are used to provide a wide range of solutions for events throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. These are used to cater for anywhere from just a few, to many thousands of people each day.

The examples below outline just a few of the types of events that we are involved in each year.

Music Festivals
Temporary kitchens are used to supply large scale feeding facilities for staff and security personnel. We also supply the temporary catering infrastructure for artist and crew facilities and temporary kitchens for larger scale restaurants and VIP catering on site. Additionally, we assist independent caterers with concessions on festival sites.

Sporting Events
Temporary kitchens and items of catering equipment are used to create larger scale restaurants for public catering areas, central production facilities to produce food for other onsite catering facilities, or temporary kitchens and dining facilities to feed sporting participants, officials and staff.

Summer Balls and Christmas Parties
Coldrooms and extra catering equipment are used to help increase the production capacity of existing kitchens on a short term basis. We also supply complete temporary kitchen facilities for marquees where balls and parties are being held in offsite locations.

Pop-Up Restaurants
We supply a range of catering facilities to create pop-up restaurants. Projects have ranged from the supply of catering equipment for a temporary structure in a market place, to craning temporary kitchens onto the roof of a building.

Air Shows
Large scale temporary kitchens either supplied in temporary kitchen units or housed in a marquee or existing building, are used to provide production kitchen facilities for corporate chalets at air shows.

Concerts and Stadia
Our temporary kitchens are supplied to stadia to provide backstage, VIP and crew catering facilities during large concerts.

Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants
Our coldrooms and preparation kitchens are used to help provide additional production space during periods of increased seasonal demand.

Film and TV Location Catering
We supply temporary kitchen facilities where filming is taking place on location and requires feeding for a large number of crew, actors and extras. These can either be grab and go type temporary kitchens, or large scale temporary restaurants linked to a temporary dining structure.

TV Cookery Shows
We supply temporary kitchen units for contestants to cook from on location, and items of catering equipment which are used to create temporary kitchen facilities in studios for TV
cookery shows.

Marketing, PR and Product Launches
We supply anywhere from a few items of catering equipment, used to provide food during new product launches and tasting sessions, through to large scale temporary kitchens and restaurant facilities at “big ticket” marketing and PR product launches.

Charity Events
Our kitchens and catering equipment are used to feed participants, volunteers and organisers at charity events that have large numbers of participants. These include midnight walks and charity runs.

Religious Festivals and Camps
Temporary kitchen units are used to provide feeding for attendees and organisers at religious events. These are often supplied to prestigious sites that require a great deal of care and attention with the delivery and installation of equipment. We also supply catering equipment used within marquees to provide temporary kitchens at summer church camps.

Scout and Guide Jamborees
We supply temporary kitchen units to be used as part of large scale marquee kitchen and dining facilities, and catering equipment housed in marquees for smaller events, used to feed Scouts, Guides and organisers during jamborees and summer events.

Conference Centres and Exhibitions
We supply items of catering equipment to conference centres where specialist equipment is required that is not present in the onsite catering facilities.

At Portable Kitchens we can tailor our service to fit your event requirements. Simply let us know which elements of our products and service you require and we can build a product that suits you.

We understand that there’s only one chance to get it right at an event, and operations can’t stop for any reason. To make sure your event runs smoothly, all our equipment and kitchens come backed with 24 hour technical support.
Planning an event in the upcoming months? Contact us on 028 2589 2122 to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.

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